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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Aporia means professed but false doubt of what to say or choose.

Such amazing memories associated with this outfit. 

At the age of 21, I was yet to go on an out of town trip without my family until early this year. I've always been a very sheltered person. That is until I got a licence. But it actually took me years to have the courage to leave the vicinity of my home.

Early this year, I finally got to leave Manila on my own. Well, with friends, but you get my point. Hopped on a plane and headed to the lovely city of Cebu for the Sinulog Festival. Hoping to go more into detail about my Sinulog experience in future posts. For now, an outfit post. I wore this to a party on the first night we got there called Life Dance. Minus the heels of course. But for the photo's sake:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Adunc means hooked.

I'm hooked on life at the moment. Haven't been this happy in what feels like forever. So many changes, scary, but all amazing. There are definitely still some struggles here and there but they seem so insignificant.

So I know I said I'd be creating a steady stream of posts a few weeks back. Oops. Finding it hard to pinpoint certain things in my life to write about. So many stories to tell about career, travel, food, fitness. 

Will definitely organize my thoughts soon. Maybe I can start with some of the physical changes you may or may not have noticed since my last post from last year. 

As you've seen from my last post, I died my hair jet black. I've been coloring my hair brown since I was 14 so it was a pretty bold move for me to go this dark. What do you think? Most reactions I've gotten have been negative or neutral but I'm happy with the change.

I've also lost a bit of weight. It isn't as obvious as my change in hair color but I've managed to shave off roughly about 10 pounds since last year. I actually went as extreme as 15 pounds but I gained it back in the name of health.. and really yummy food. I'll go into more detail about how I did that in a future post. But before that, an outfit post:

Another outfit I wore out and about in BGC.

[Black backless top : Copper][High waist denim shorts: ruins][Olive wedges: Follie][Bag: vintage]

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Apolaustic means dedicated to the search for enjoyment.

For a brief period of time, work really took a toll on me and the weekend was the only thing that sustained me. The music, the people, the sunrises. I rediscovered old friendships and made amazing new ones. I honestly thought it was too late for me to meet any more significant people but I'm so glad I was wrong. There's something so special about the ease of finding connections with people in the oddest times and places. 

I've been closed off for so long in my own toxic bubble that breaking free felt unbelievable. Can't help but mourn over all the wasted years. I'm pretty sure though that I crammed all the living I missed out on into 4 months. 

So, to end my ramble, here's an outfit that I wore to a little place called Haze:

[Black cut out cropped top: @thriftapparelmnl on Instagram][Black bandage skirt: My own creation][Black, white and gray plaid button down: A friend's][Black heels: Payless]

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Algedonics means the science of pleasure and pain.

A mixtures of highs and lows the last year has been. Everything from devastation to complete bliss. In the last year I've had heart breaks and traumatic experiences galore, but also unbelievable milestones and the happiest times of my life.

Landing my first job, exploring cities on my own, meeting interesting people, falling in love.

This is just another outfit I wore out to a place called Aracama. Such happy memories.

[Denim polo: Thrifted][Black corset: Bench Body][Black lace paper bag shorts: Ruins]

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Anabiosis means to return to life after apparent death.

Hi, how are you? 

This all seems so familiar yet I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. It's like trying to find the words when you're faced with someone you haven't seen in what feels like decades. Where do I even begin?

My last blog post was June 25th, 2013. If I were to cram everything that's happened since then into this post I'd be writing a novel. But suffice it to say, I am in a completely different place now than I was a year ago. It was a pretty rough year for me but it definitely ended magically. Experienced so many new things and met so many prominent people in my life today.

Let's just say that we have TONS to talk about. I'm definitely planning to create a steady stream of posts in the next month. Hopefully we can get back to where we left off. But for now, an outfit post is in order:

This is just one of the many outfits I've worn while I was exploring the other side of life during the near end of last year. Places I've never been were starting to feel like home. Things I used to be so judgmental about became habits and the world was mine to conquer. So here's an outfit I wore once to Hyve.

[Black top with the V back: My own creation][Gold skater skirt: Zhe' Closet][Gold bag: Gift from the US][Black heels: Payless]