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Monday, February 14, 2011

V-day Weekend

And so this day finally ends! Don't get me wrong, I'm happily in love but Valentines day just doesn't sit right with me. It's pretty clever though because to me, Valentines day was probably invented by women so that during one day of the year, men are encouraged/obliged to do something romantic for them. HAHA. I don't know, I just don't like the sight of flowers and elaborate public gestures. It's just another excuse to receive gifts. hihi! Okay, enough with the bitter ranting.

So some of you are probably wondering what romantic plans I had last weekend. My friends and I made plans to go out Saturday night but due to some circumstances that I don't want to get into, Rain and I did not go. So we had a lovely dinner and he surprised me with something quite clever and thoughtful but I'd rather not tell you just to keep some aspects of my life private. hahaha. So yeah, nothing fancy shmancy. On Sunday, I spent it as I always do, with my family over a good meal. After a feast in Tempura, my sister surprised me with a single red rose. I love her, I really really do. It was so cute too how she gave it to me, I hear her whispering with my dad up stairs, as i come up, she comes down in a rush and whips the rose from her back and reaches it out to me. The funny part was that when I took it from her, it was just a stem in plastic, as we make our way up we see petals all over the stair case and I just wanted to squeeze her. haha, sooo cute. So yeah, highlight of my weekend were my Boyfriend's and my Sister's surprises.

 I crammed the petals back in. Hihihihi!

As for today, nothing out of the ordinary. Had one class, went home and had a date with the doctor. haha. The results of my annual physical exam in DLSU had said that I have injured lungs and they wouldn't clear me unless I would be deemed physically fit to study by a medical expert. Lo and behond, they were wrong and I waisted money and time getting a second opinion and a medical certificate. Can I seriously sue some one for this? Stupid sucky school Xrays!

Oh well, that was my V-day Weekend. To end this post, I'll just post photos of what I wore today. Thats how a fashion blog goes right? haha!

(Shirt: Hoola in Pop Culture; Shorts: Next Jeans; Shoes: Parisian; Bag: Ralph Lauren)

-- THE Kat Aurellano

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