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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wishing I Could Wear This Out

or at least long enough without getting my legs all sweaty. hahaha! Yeah, most of the time the outfits I post here I don't actually were to school as it is. I usually pick something out and when I get home I edit it a bit to make it better because usually I'm running late in the morning so I don't get to perfect my outfits. So there, I went a little crazy with the editing today, I was just so inspired by my new shoes. Oh, and yeah I'm sorry Danica Legaspi for once again using your polo. I'm guessing you don't miss it anyhoooo. hihihihi. So there, here's my outfit for today, a bit too layered for a tropical country though but I lurv ittt. :D

[Blue Polo: Thrifted/Borrowed from Danica][Skirt and Socks: Greenhills][Shoes: People are People]

And ohh yeah, got a new cover our today of Taylor Swift's song Ours from her album Speak Now.

"I love the gap between your teeth
I love the riddles that you speak"

-- THE Kat Aurellano


  1. love the shoes!!! followed your blog dear. :-)
    ♥, ace