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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Favorite Shade of Pink

I never really embraced the color pink as a child. I was more into quirky colors like orange and periwinkle. I was obsessed with orange, my bags, pillows, and even shoes. But now, I cannot get enough of the different pale shades of nudes and pinks. Theres just something so sophisticated about it, although it does tend to wash me out a bit when worn, but there's still something about it that attracts me.

[Gray Blazer: Kids of Bayo][High-waist Light Pink Skirt: Vintage DIY]

The Pink skirt on my featured outfit is actually another piece from my mother's closet which I altered a bit. She had such an awesome fashion sense and this is proven because her fashion transcends to the present. Most of my vintage pieces are from her closet. When she passed away and I was left with a closet of her stuff, I couldn't fully appreciate it because I was only 11 and in my tomboy phase. EW. But now, wow, theres something magical about having her be a part of me through the clothes I wear.

The blazer is from Kids of Bayo which is at the moment my fave store. The pieces there are super cute and chic but more affordable than other brands. Can't wait to have a shopping spree there with my little sister and get matching outfits.

The shoes are from a little boutique in BF called Step Rite. Their actually small for me, I've only worn them out once but the back of my feet suffered tremendously. Who's a size 8? Any takers? haha!

I also have a new cover out, it's of the song Chasing Pavements by Adele. I've gotten a few awesome responses from people in school about this cover and I'm grateful for the recognition. Getting the hang of this YouTube thing, happy to share what I love to do. If you guys have space for me on your Tumblrs, blogs or walls do spread the love. :)

P.S. I feel like I'm dying, have an awful fever and I'm freezing. Hope I can make it to school tomorrow.
--THE Kat Aurellano

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