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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Proud Accompishment

It's been like a month or more since I last posted anything on my blog. It's sad really, I just haven't been doing anything productive with my life this summer break, and when I do have something to share, I fail to take photos. I myself am a visual person so to me, It doesn't feel right to tell a story without visuals. So anyway, I've got some great news to share. Manels, the leather good store held a contest last month in search for new faces of their brand.

Me and my friends are suckers for these kinds of contests. So for fun, we got together and shot with no vision what so ever of the actual outcome, but what do you know, It came out pretty damn awesome... and oh yeah, WE WON. HAHAHA.

We are now the official faces of Manels, Kimberly Espiritu, Roncel Camins and I with the help of our Photographer Joseph Brillantes.

So there you have it, now here are some of the other photos we took and some behind the scenes and wacky shots.

One of the 5 submitted entries

One of the 5 submitted entries 

One of the 5 submitted entries 

One of the 5 submitted entries

The chosen photo for their back to school campaign

Joseph Brillantes Photography
Styling and MUA is yours truly

On Kimy: 
[Orange button down: Vintage, Blue skirt: SM Dep't store, Green stockings: Thrifted, Shoes: MANELS]

On Me: 
[Denim button down: SM Dep't store, Orange shorts: Bazaar, Socks: Greenhills, Shoes: MANELS]

I'd like to thank Manels again for this awesome opportunity, this definitely is making my summer worth while. Can't wait to blog about our prizes once we receive the P20,000 pesos worth of freebies. <3

-- THE Kat Aurellano


  1. congratulations! you are so pretty! :)

  2. Aww wow! Thank you, I really appreciate it. :)