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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top Finds II

For the longest time, I had been looking for the perfect sheer black polo. I'd always find them in overly priced stores and I was ready to give up till I finally found a more affordable one in Robinson's Department store for 400 only! I wore this to school and immediately a bunch of people ask me where I got it and they couldn't believe how affordable it is.

This look I put together is more school friendly with the black tank under but I think sheer black polo's are perfect for showing a little more skin. Wearing a simple black bandeau underneath it paired with a high waist bottom will show just the right amount of shoulders and stomach. Have to be careful not to look too exposed with these types of clothing. That's also another thing I like about the one I found, it isn't too sheer to the point of looking trashy or provocative. I also love the cute gold buttons with anchors on them, very nautical.

And so I topped the look off with gold jewelry and pearls plus black booties with fringe detailing. Just another find I'm quite proud of! :)

-- THE Kat Aurellano


  1. Sheer black is just stunning.. looks great on you ;)

  2. im in love with the sheer black top!!!

  3. OMG I LOVE IT O_O <3 A fan on lookbook and now a follower through GFC! Hope you can drop by my blog :D Thank you!!

    xo, H A N I E

    P.S. Also hope you can ask my poll on my blog's right side bar :> THANK YOU SO MUCH!