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Monday, June 20, 2011

Top Finds

I have always been a proud thrifty shopper and for me the best finds are those awesome pieces gotten for a bargain.

I love it when people ask me where and how much I got a certain piece and to see their reaction when I tell them. This outfit it the perfect example of my awesome bargain hunting skills.

[Jacket: Solo][Polka-dotted Sheer Top: Sugarita][Gray Skirt: DIY]

The piece I'm particularly proud of finding is the sheer blue top with the white polka dots. I found it in a store called Sugarita in the 99 pesos rack and it was the only one left. Clearly I've said quite a few times, I am not at all brand conscious. I believe in this saying that I heard that if people are so conscious of what brand their buying/wearing then they should just wear everything inside out, even bags. What's important is you pull it of. I mean, where's the fun in having a Dior dress if it's the only thing that makes you feel good and confident. If you can pull of a rag you're all set.

So there, try to go out of your comfort zone and go to those stores you never thought you'd go to, you'll never know what you may find!
-- THE Kat Aurellano


  1. stunning bargain.. the sheer top holds a great night-out and casual outfit.. even the jacket is a perfect match.. love it :)

  2. You look gorgeous!! love your jacket so much!

  3. i dont have good luck in thrifting. haha! i should keep trying more often. LOL! awesome find though.


  4. Thanks ladies! Awesome blogs BTW! :) <3

  5. That top is awesome, I just adore polka dots! :)

    The Cat Hag