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Thursday, June 9, 2011


 This weekend, I was packing for my usual trip to my grandmother's house where I live during school days, and I came across a box of accessories I used to own when I was a kid. Found some cool stuff that could be resurrected from the dead.

I'm really thankful that I have a habit of hoarding stuff. I've thrown out some stuff before that now I regret, goes to show how volatile fashion can be, one minute its junk, the next its the newest trend again. So I paired these two bracelets with a bunch of silver bangles and one with leather detailing on it.

Wore these accessories with this outfit on a hot, scorching day.

[Animal Print Top with Brown Lace: From my Mom's Closet, Mango][Peek Pocket Denim Shorts: H&M]

-- THE Kat Aurellano


  1. I love the bracelets and how the colors go together! And you are quite the looker!

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