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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Case of the Missing Jewelry

So here is the whole story about my mother's missing jewelry. I also just want to give an update to the people who were kind enough to ask me about what happened.

So I noticed that I've been missing my favorite ring for a few days. I always use this ring and I place in plain sight here in my room in my grandmother's house in Malate, Manila.

I usually get really lazy to accessorize when things start to get hectic in school so for a while I didn't touch my jewelry. I notice the ring missing but I immediately think that I might have left in in my house in Paranaque.

So on the 8th of July, I just decide to open my mom's jewelry box out of no where. This is what it looks like, it's sort of a blue green color and it opens both sides.

When I opened it, that's when I discovered that half of its contents were missing. My mom has this huge jewelry collection which was passed down to me, I only took those which I could see myself wearing and left the others with my dad. Upon discovering this, I immediately start tearing my room apart and hysterically crying. HAHA. So there, I told my grandmother and the day after they pinpoint the thief. It was the 19 year old pamangkin of one of the maids who has apparently been staying with us for a few days without my knowledge. They say that he's been stealing from me since June according to the retrieved pawn shop receipts. They got the boy to confess my telling him his tita, our maid would be the one to go to jail if he didn't fess up.

So he did, he surrendered 8 receipts amounting to 60,000 pesos and so the hunt started. See how they date back to June.

Yes it would have been better if we had filed a case against him but my dad didn't want the trouble of going to police stations and hearings. A week later all the jewelry on the receipts were retrieved, but to my surprise, only HALF of what was missing came back to me. Hear they are, still in plastic upon being bought back and no we did not have to pay, the boy's family had to cough up the cash.

And can you guys believe that he even took this?? IT HAS MY NAME ALL OVER IT FOR GOD'S SAKE.

So now basically my dad tells me to let go of the rest because it's likely we'd never get it back... and YES I AM VERY PISSED OF ABOUT IT. But then I explained to him that out of the 25 missing pieces of jewelry, I only wanted two back. Two very heavily significant rings, one is my fave on which is my dad's vintage DLSU class ring for the 70's and the other was the ring my tita Marjie gave me on my 18th birthday. These did not make it's way back to me and this convinced him to do something about it but as of now nothing has happened.

I'm really sad about it but I'm slowly accepting that I'm probably never gonna see them again. It just breaks my heart, haven't even told my tita, she'll be devastated I'm sure. :(

So there, that's basically what happened. Thanks for all the concern and hope it all works out. :(


  1. That's so terrible!!! I know the feeling to lost something you really care about and not getting back... and if it's stolen it make you more upset a guess.

  2. that's so sad to hear. but don't lose hope, maybe one day you'll get your jewelry back.

    btw, i'm a new follower of your blog. i see you have a great taste in fashion :]