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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Hunt Continues

I have waited sooo long to be able to go back to my fave shopping place ever, and today, I am happy. Today, my hubby, friends and I pilled into two cars and drove all the way to Tagaytay to spend a day away from the heat of Manila. The usual events occurred, stop overs in gas stations, bulalo, zip line and horse back riding in Picnic Grove. But I for one was excited about going to the famous Tagaytay Ukay Ukays. Spent about two hours going through hundreds of hangers hanging from dozens of racks in a few ware houses scattered around the area with my ukay buddy, Kriza. Bought five pieces and I'm looking forward to creating new outfit posts!

Now I will show you the pieces I've bought.

Find #5: A glittery gold sweater
Price: 150 Php

I know that glittery fabric may verge on being tacky but there's something about the sweater that looks sophisticated. It may not look that way in the photo but I hope you feel differently once I use in an outfit. This was the first piece I found today and got me on a roll!

 Find #6: A blue and white stripped long sleeve top with a crochet collar.
Price: 150 Php

When I tried the top on I imagine it paired with something high waist and dainty. Kinda felt a bit like Zooey Deschanel meets Rachel Berry.

Find #7: A half leather, half sheer, black, sleeveless polo top with slits on the side.
Price: 120 Php

Not this piece I contemplated real hard as to if I should get it or not. There are so many elements in this top that urged me not to but I felt that it would really make a statement. First of all, the fabric in front is leather like which isn't very common. It's also quite large and adds a lot of volume in the tummy area which is never a good thing. The back of the top is completely sheer and there are big slits on the sides so it's not necessarily something I'd buy but I saw it as a challenge. I already have ideas on how I'm gonna wear it, so watch out for that.. and excuse the fact that it looks like a garbage bag in the photo, it got all wrinkled in the bag.

Find #8: A pink and white baseball shirt.
Price: 150 Php

I don't really know why this shirt caught my eye, I like school seals I guess. Plus the shade of pink is love!

Find #9: A gray biker vest.'
Price: 150 Php

So these are the things I bought today, sadly its not much but I feel I've gotten my ukay fix that will last me a while. Looking forward to going back soon and I'm not leaving till my hands are completely full of bags!

-- THE Kat Aurellano 


  1. Hi kat! Tags ukay-ukay for the win! I suggest you try baguio as well though it's far nga lang but grabe mga ukay there, worth it!!! Unique kung unique talaga! :)

  2. PS. I like the last one. The biker vest! SO INGGIT! HAHAHA!