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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Photo Walk with Us

Last Monday, my friends Shacel, Roncel and Nica and I had an impromptu photo shoot in Southville village in Pilar and here are some of the photos that were taken that day. Forgive the poor photo quality, the original files are no longer with me so these were grabbed from my Facebook page.

With Shacel

 [ Light brown polo: Vintage/ Mother's Closet][Peek pocket denim shorts: Greenhills][Brown wedges: Manels][Black feather necklace: SM dept store]

With Nica

Make up by Nica

These photos were taken using Nica's Canon SLR and my Cassadie(Canon 500D) was used to video document the shoot as we went along. Here is the final product of the video I made with the help of my friend Roncel.

Hoping to create more of these kinds of videos soon. I've been really missing making films for school and that's why I've been making a few new ones.

-- THE Kat Aurellano

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