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Friday, December 16, 2011

Today I Start on my Bargain Hunting Journey

When I was a kid, waiting for Christmas was excruciating and it always seemed like it was never gonna come soon enough. Now, I dread the Holiday season and how it reminds me of all Christmases I didn't enjoy enough. Sadly, it was brought to my attention by my dear pops that this would be the last Christmas that would entitle me to a grand present so he said I could ask for whatever I wanted. Oh the pressure. I decided to just ask for a big, fat, juicy check to put in my bank account and spend it as I go. So this is the reason why I've decided to get my blog up and running again because I wanted to share how I plan on maximizing the money I have by finding the greatest bargains and merchandise I can get my hands on.

Saldy, I have not been maximizing the money so far, in a way that I've been spending so much on food. I'll probably blog about the places I eat in too so that everyone can gain the holiday weight with me. Today, I finally spent some cash on some fashion finds which I will get into more detail in a while.

So there, now that I'm back, don't expect to see what you usually see in other blogs where the people call themselves thrifty but the clothes they showcase are all Topshop, Mango, Zara, and so on. Nope, not here. Most of the stuff I'll be showing aren't from overpriced, pretentious brands. I'll show you where to find all the good stuff that actually look branded but doesn't squeeze your wallet dry. Some will even be secondhand vintage finds. I'm hoping to reach out to the more middle class fashionistas out there like me.

Today I start on my bargain hunting journey through the streets of the south.

Find #1 :

A pale, sleeveless, lavender pink, top with a black cape like collar
Price: 450 slashed down to 400 Php

Find # 2 :

Black, high waist, lace, paper bag shorts
Price: 480 slashed down to 400 Php

Both of these pieces where purchased from the Good Shepard Market or better known as "Ruins." The pink top was from a shop called Chick Flick and the shorts were from a random stall which had really eye catching pieces. Don't worry about having a hard time finding it, the market is relatively small and it's easy to find the good stuff just by passing though all the aisles.

As for food, today, my hubby Rain and I tried this new place in Aguirre called the South Diner. The place was so delightfully vintage and the atmosphere was great. It had the leather couches and the white counter tops which were very old school diner esque. The staff was also disturbingly kind and attentive, the food however was a tad disappointing. Maybe it's just me but I like to eat my burgers with my bare hands and the amount of oil found in my Swiss Mushroom melt and Rain's Sloppy Joe was just overwhelming. Less grease please! I haven't tried the other stuff on their menu so I'm not writing the place out just yet. The pricing was reasonable too so over all i give it a B+. If you're looking for a fun joint to eat in in the south area I suggest you go to the South Diner beside Puregold in Aguirre.

Also, for dinner, Rain and I along with his friends headed down to Soderno again for the Nth time. I suggest you guys try the Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers, that is if you don't mind the long wait, long lines and the intense amount of smoke in the area.

That's it for now. Cheerio!

-- THE Kat Aurellano

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