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Saturday, January 14, 2012


So I haven't been able to post anything for a while, I blame my post surgery recovering toe and school. HAHAHA! Haven't been able to shop or go out much but I'm slowly getting back on my feet.. literally. Bought a few stuff last Saturday and today from Kids of Bayo and Ukay-ukay in Tagaytay.

Find #14: White blazer with black collar
Price: 795 Php

Find #15: Polka dotted, blue and white, collared, crop top with ruffled shoulders
Price: 120 Php

Find #16: A fit, black blazer with silk like details
Price: 220 slashed down to 150 Php

So the last two tops I bought earlier today because after many cancellations, my family finally was able to go to Tagaytay for a nice dinner with my uncles from San Francisco. We ate in  Bon Giorno, an amazing Italian restaurant in Cliff House. Awesome food and company, a farewell dinner to my uncles Gil and Michael who will be returning to SF tomorrow morning.

My father's side of the family.

 My sister, rockin' her new pink, orange and black blazer from Kids of Bayo

 An Italian restaurant is not legit if it doesn't serve free bread.

Mochiko for dessert!

Oh yeah, and one last thing, I also dyed my hair again last Friday. Chose the shade medium blonde but It didn't translate as much as I'd like. My hair is just too dark and Asian to go blonde. This photo that I chose though shows the color nicely but its just the saturation and lighting of the photo. If you check the photo above with my family, it looks jet black still! One day, I'll have the balls to bleach it and go ash blonde.

That's all for this week! No lookbook posts again for a while because my toe cannot handle heels right now. Soon though!
-- THE Kat Aurellano

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