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Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Things

So today I was able to buy some new stuff when my family and I had dinner out. We wanted to try the new P.F. Chang's but it was jam packed and had an hour and a half wait to get a table. The women in the front desk told us that place was over flowing with people because it was Chinese new year. Is that really the thing? Do people seriously think, "it's Chinese new year, let's eat Chinese food!" Weird. Anyway, we decided to check John and Yoko but it was also full so we ended up eating some good old Italian grub at Amici.

So here's what I got today.

Find #17: Turquoise feather necklace from Love Diva
Price: 200 Php

Find #18: Gold bangle from Love Diva
Price: 200 Php

And I also bought a bunch of new underwear but I'd rather not post photos of it. Teehee. When it comes to undies, only staple colors do for me, black, white and nude. Okay, too much info already.

Oh and my dad gave me a planner today randomly. Is this the alleged Starbucks planner that people are so obsessed with? Do people still strive to get these? Thinking about selling it because I don't really need it. I'm perfectly happy with my plain black notebook thank you very much.

So there, pretty ordinary Sunday for the family. There's never a Sunday where we don't eat out so I'm thankful I get to experience so much good food! And I'm thankful that there are new places to eat in in Alabang Town Center because I'm sick of Italianni's and Omakase (My sister's favorites)! That's all for now.
-- THE Kat Aurellano

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