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Friday, January 27, 2012

P.F. Chang's

Last Tuesday my dad, sister and I tried the new P.F. Chang's in Alabang Town Center. The place is pretty huge and jam packed no matter what day and time it is. I give it top marks for ambiance and service. The place had dim lighting and ceramic Chinese warriors out front. The staff was oh so very attentive, too attentive if you ask me. Every 5 minutes or so they always check on you and give you free stuff. They kept giving us samples of drinks and soups which forced my dad to be polite and keep ordering stuff we couldn't finish. 

So we came to the conclusion that P.F. Chang's is just a Chinese restaurant with Ambiance and a international name. I personally still think that  Tao Yuan in Resorts World has the best Chinese food. But hey, I still recommend it! Its an experience worth while. I suggest you try their flavored Iced Teas, there's Jasmine and Tamarind. 

Oh, and excuse the poor quality of the photos I've posted. I had that moment where we were about to leave the house and I swore in my mind I'd bring Cassadie(my SLR) but got distracted by something and totally forgot! Don't you just hate it when that happens? So there, I took the photos with an Ipod touch hence the crappy-ness of it. 

FYI, the yellow sauce shoots out of your nose like wasabi. Learned that the hard way. HAHAHA 

Free sample of their Tamarind Iced Tea in a cute little kitty tumbler for my sister. 

So to conclude, here is a photo of me and my sister with my bare, free-from-make up face and weirdly orange hair. Till our next food adventure!

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