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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shopping Craving

So last January 1st, my cousins and I were really hankering to spend some cash on clothes, The day started with our original plan which was to go to Tagaytay and shop there. We found out that it was closed so we thought about Greenhills or Divisoria but we were lazy to drive all the way there so we end up going to SM. But to our misfortune, it was also closed so we ended up in Good Shepard(ruins) again and that's where we eventually ended up shopping. So I'm gonna show you what I got last Sunday.

Find #10: A gold, Egyptian style necklace
Price: 380 slashed down to 350 Php
Find #11: A lavender ring
Price: 100 slashed down to 80 Php

Find #12: A white, crochet top
Price: 350 slashed down to 280 Php

Find #13: A sheer, blue, polo top.
Price: 350 Php

And I forgot to post photos of this bag I got for Christmas from my cousin, Kim. It's my new favorite bag!

That's it for now! This photo was taken after out shopping venture when we got us some TeaTalk. I highly recommend the place, visit them in BF along Aguirre! TTFN!

Taken from my cousin Nicole's twitter.

-- THE Kat Aurellano

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