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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Garbage Chic

Wednesday is Lookbook day! So this is what I wore to school today but just like every single post, minus the heels. HAHA. I don't really like wearing heels to school so I just throw them on when I get home from the photo. Hihihihi! How do you find my garbage bag like polo top? Kinda out of the box but I like it, specially the sheer back and the huge slits on the sides. Kind brings out the wild child in me. HAHA. By the way, sorry for the out of focus photos in the beginning, I didn't notice when I was taking them.

 [Garbage bag polo top: Thrift store][Black boots: People are People][Tassel necklace: √Čblouissant]

This is the sheer back I was talking about.

Have a great remaining days of the week guys! :)

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  1. that's a really unique top!! :))

  2. Your top is really edgy! I'd like to see you wear it differently next time, if it's not too much to ask :) The way you wore it is a little predictable, and it doesn't seem like your style. I think your top would also look great with a pleated midi skirt in a cool hue ;)