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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Day

Happy day, indeed! Today, my group's thesis topic proposal was finally approved! After 2 rejections and a failing grade, we finally get to start on our paper. We're doing a short feature film on the story I posted a while back named "Cut Throat Love." 

What a great feeling to be freed from the burden of proposing topics. Aside from this amazing news, another thing I have to celebrate is my 34th month with my boyfriend and his win last Sunday in MOA where he got silver in a no gi jujitsu competition. I hope I said that right! HAHA. 

Many things to celebrate indeed despite the overwhelming assignment given today by my writing for TV teacher. He asked us to write a pilot episode for a series in a week. Not looking forward to starting that! So there, I'm definitely happy. 

Things in my life are falling into place, shedding the negativity and hate. I've gotten rid of things that bring me down and in turn I've been rewarded ten fold. Thank you to all the people responsible for this happy, happy day!

Wednesday is Lookbook day so here is what I wore today:

 [Pink and black top: Chick Flick][Black skirt: Vintage, mom's closet][Wedges: Catch, Manels]

Here's my look on

ataraxia means tranquility; freedom from anxiety; stoicism.

I wish everyone the same happiness! Thanks for reading! :)

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