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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day

This is basically how I spent my Valentine's day. First I went to school to watch Rain teach a LEAP class on Brazilian Jujitsu and immediately left to go to MOA for dinner. We originally planned on eating in Yakimix but it was silly of us to think we'd get a table without a reservation on Vday. So we scanned the entire mall for Japanese alternatives but we eventually got so tired and hungry that we stopped at the nearest one which was Kimono Ken, and what a great turn of events it was indeed. The food was absolutely delicious and the prices weren't bad. We stuffed our faces and had a great time. After that we did a little shopping and went back to my house to see my grandmother. A day well spent indeed! This is definitely my ideal date, I'm not much of a flowers girl, I'd take a good meal over a bouquet any day! Food makes me happy, specially when I'm with my eating buddy! This was our second valentines day together and looking forward to a lot more. I have the best boyfriend in the world because he knows exactly what makes me happy. I hope everyone had a great Vday as well!

This is what I was wearing by the way: 
[Sheer black polo top: Liberte][Brown tassel necklace: Éblouissant][Brown satchel: Invitation House] 

Take a look at these painted hermit crabs being sold in a stall! I hope the paint doesn't harm them in any way.

Happy Valentine's day to you! Spread the love people! :)

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