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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lazy Day

Such a lazy day today indeed. Woke up being extra slow getting ready for school and was not in the mood so I just threw on a plain black shirt and paired it with my brown, paper bag pants. Thought twice about taking photos because when I got home from school I just wanted to pass out on my bed with the air conditioner on full blast. Sorry again for the out of focus and grainy photos, just feeling really mediocre and lazyyy.

[Black V neck shirt: Bench Body][Brown pants: Nafnaf][Shoes: Parisian]

Isn't my new animal ring just adorable? Not really sure what it is, found it in my Boyfriends things and so I thought I just had to have it. I've found a lot of cool accessories in other people's things, proves that one man's trash is his girlfriends treasures. HAHAHA. What do you guys think it is? Me and Rain think it's a mole.

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