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Thursday, March 15, 2012


This post was meant for yesterday but I've been having some connection problems in my other house. This is what I wore yesterday in school and also for a performance I had to do for a musical show for a television production class. Funny story about it actually, a friend of mine asked me to sing for their show days ago and it seemed to have slipped my mind and I only remembered it on the morning of the performance. So I chose an easy song that had simple chords and lyrics which was Please Don't Go by Mike Posner. I admit I panicked but I managed to pull it off and surprisingly I wasn't as nervous as I usually would have been performing in front of people and multiple cameras. Good day over all, accomplishment for me! :) So yeah, here's what I wore

[Sheer black top: Liberte][Pants: Nafnaf][Shoes: Michael Antonio] 


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  1. Hiya!!!!!
    you look really great in this outfit...I love your sheer shirt!!!<3..Thanks for hyping on lookbook..:-)