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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today marked the official last day of school for most of my batch mates, can't help but be envious of their freedom! I still have one hell term left where I'll be shooting a short film on the short story I once posted here on my blog. After seeing the films of my batch mates earlier today, I'm both excited and terrified to start shooting. But now is not the time to be worrying about it, I'll just try to enjoy my summer as much as I can! Since I'm no longer going to the States this summer, I have a lot of free time to gallivant and explore, and hopefully I'll get to post them here soon!

Congratulations again to everyone who defended their projects today! So proud of all of you! :)

Anyway, for the thesis defense today in school, this is what I wore. In support of my friend's film called "Pula", I wore my reddish/maroon mullet skirt.

[Crochet top: Ruins][Maroon mullet skirt: Sewn][Bag: Invitation House]

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