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Sunday, April 15, 2012

In Preparation

So tomorrow, I'll be going to Anilao, Batangas with my good friends from college, my dad and my sister. In preparation for the trip, I bought a few things:

Find #32: High waist floral shorts
From Pop Culture
Price: From 800 Php slashed down to 390 Php

Find #33: Sheer pink crop top
From People are People
Price: 399 Php

Find #34: Silver aviators
From Pop Culture
Price: 150 Php

DV1, waterproof camera
Brand: G.E.
From Girl Tech
Price: 4700 Php

The shorts and the crop top are just pieces I came across today in the mall that I felt would be nice to wear on the beach, the shades are for beach trips because I don't want to bring any of the Ray Bans, they might get scratched in the sand.

The water proof camera is for documentation because I don't want to subject my Cassadie(Canon 500D) to the harsh elements in the beach. So there, currently packing, will try to blog about what I'm planning to bring tomorrow before we leave. I have lots of time because our check in at the resort tomorrow will be at 6pm. Weird right?

Anyway, super excited! Can't wait to make another one of my documentary videos. Hope everyone's having a good summer too! :)

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