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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Just a quick outfit post of what I wore the other day and a slight rant. Really bummed out about not being able to participate in a photoshoot I was invited to for Maybelline New York's website. Just a simple conflict of dates, the shoot is on the 23rd but I'll be in Subic by then till the 25th. 

Really really bummed out, more than usual. I'm pretty used to rejecting opportunities like these because of school and the lack of means and patience to travel to the north. So far, this is the biggest opportunity I've turned down and I'm just really disappointed. But hey, for me, family always comes first and I won't leave em hanging. Maybe these sort of things really just aren't in the cards for me. Oh well, hoping for a next time! 

Back to the outfit, just something I put together quickly for a night out. Really missing my pink wall back in our house in Taft but really glad to be in my real home in BF for the summer. Posts just don't feel the same without my pretty pink wall.


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