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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Last month, we were tasked to create our very own horror movie for our class all about production design. But it wasn't just any horror film, our professor decided to mix things up by setting our films in the past. So our period horror film is called "Quadro" and the story is set in the 1970s and the 1950s. It's about a home turned boarding house being haunted by the ghost of Maria, played by Loi Almeron. I played Annie, a girl who rented a room there and is being tormented by Maria and the owner of the home, Mang Artemio, played by Amante Pulido. 

The story was written, directed and shot by my good friends Jezzika Diaz, Elle Carrasco and Zia Marquez. The set was a cooperative effort by all of us and the house belongs to my grand mother. I would have loved to share the movie to everyone but sadly it consists of some sensitive themes that some of us aren't comfortable broadcasting, so instead, here are some photos from behind the scenes during our 13 hour shoot.

It was a lot of hard work that over all payed off. Really proud of our film and the critiques we got from our professor, Sir Gerry Torres.

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