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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ready, Set, Go

Just a few photos from over the weekend. A lot of family time and hunting for a nice new swimsuit. It was quite a challenge because I'm actually not much of a bikini person. There's just something awkward about being so exposed around people even in beaches or pools. But that's just me I guess, I love it when girls are comfortable enough with themselves to show off their rockin' bodies, I just like to keep it simple and chic. So I was able to find one similar to my other one, I just love swimsuits that look retro and that look like something you can still wear out even to an event as a corset. I was able to find it in SM department store. I really love that place, they really do have it all and they have reasonable prices to boot. Also found a pair of gradient colored shorts which I just had to have. So there, photos from the new Krispy Kreme in Alabang Town Center and photos of what I bought. Now I'm set to spend the next few days in Subic, more posts to come! :)

Find #35: Gradient colored denim shorts
From SM Dept Store, Next Jeans
Price: 649 Php 

Find #36: Black one piece
From SM Dept Store, Coco Cabana
Price: 799 Php 

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