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Monday, June 25, 2012


Here is what I wore today to an ordinary day of school. Leggings are really a staple when it comes to school because of all the clothing restrictions DLSU has and for those days when you're feeling lazy or in a rush. This first photo is what I actually wore today, but the other photos are again of how I would have really worn it if the dress code in school were abolished. I like altering an outfit for a photo because I get to improve ans add stuff to an ordinary look that I had originally put together in a hurry. I have a bad habit of waking up late so I usually just thrown on the first thing I see. So there, here's what I wore today. 

[Blue and white button down tee: Vintage/Grandma's][Sandals: Sewn]

 And  here is how I would have wanted to wear it. LOL

And lately, I've been obsessed with this kind of braid, not sure what it's called but it's that kind that sticks to your head. Hahaha! I really love how it gives off a bo-ho feel, and I also love the way it curls my hair when I take it off. Hihi

This obsession started because I saw it in an episode of Girls where one of the characters, Jessa, was sporting this hair style. Here's a photo of her:
It's a really amazing show but I don't really feel comfortable recommending people to watch it because its unbelievably racy and graphic. Think Game of Thrones(nudity wise) meets Sex and the City. It's really something else, but I love it because its just so raw and true to life. Really can't wait for the second season, I'm really invested in Adam and Hannah's relationship. Hihi. Maybe I'll write about the series soon, as for now, thanks for listening! :)