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Thursday, June 7, 2012


I've been MIA again for a whole week now, haven't found the right time to just sit down and write posts of recent events. I'll be posting a couple of birthday celebrations I've been to last May and then I'll be posting my own 20th birthday celebration after those. No shopping hauls for the mean time, saving all my resources for our short feature film. So for now, I will bombard you with photos of food and people.

This was my eldest brother's birthday. We had dinner at a new Shabu-shabu place in Alabang. The place is called Gansu Shabuway and it's actually really good and reasonably priced. 

Spicy and not spicy Miso Soup. 

My favorite part of the meal, such savory and delicate slices of Angus beef. 

The birthday man and my dad. 

Coconut and lychee sorbet. 

And by the way, this is what I wore. Based on the picture, I don't think my sister has much of an eye for photography. I really hate that my auto focus is broken, when other people take pictures with my camera I have to teach them or the pictures all turn out blurry! hihi

[Chiffon top: Vintage/Mom's][Black Lace Shorts: Ruins][Red flats: Manels]

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