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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Room

So as I've posted on my Facebook and twitter a couple of times, we're moving to a new house that my dad had built a couple of months back for us. The expected date that the house will be finished building is August 31, 2012 which is actually my sister's 9th birthday. 

So far the house is still a bunch of bricks but it's coming along nicely and fast if I may add. My dad asked me to put together photos that will give our contractor an idea of what design I want for my room, and here they are. I might be over shooting here because  my dad wont really let me go all out but basically I want it to look something like this. 

Dark gray walls will be perfect during rainy days, I can just picture it now. I also kinda want my room to have some sort of walk in closet feel since there isn't really any room for a separate walk in closet. I want white shelves all over the place for various junk, shoes, accessories and clothes. So there you have it, what do you guys think? :) If you have any suggestions, leave a comment for me. Thanks for listening! :)

These white shelves on the wall will be perfect for keeping all my junk. I just hope I can keep it tidy enough. :))

If I were to pick only one aspect I for sure want, it's this. Pretty shoe shelves to keep my babies in. <3

Closet space is a must!

This is sort of the shade I'm going for.

I also wanna put those picture box things on the wall! And I'm so happy because my room has that exact glass wall in the corner. Can't wait for my vision to come alive!


  1. If maliit lang space, try mo na top bunk bed ka tapos yung ilalim parang walk in closet or chever. ((= Walalang haha!:p

    1. Super gusto ko nung but di reach ng budget ko! :)) One day!!