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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Passions in Life: Singing

I just wanted to share a few covers of mine from way back when I was too shy to show my face on camera, hence the lack of picture. These videos were posted on my Facebook account and I dedicated them to friends.

Eventually, peer pressure worked and I mustered up the courage of making a YouTube account and make actually cover videos. I guess you can say I've come a long way.

I used to record these with my camera phone or my Kodak Easy Share digital cameras. I would make sure to cover the lens with a pillow or a blanket or something so that it would only record audio. Good times, but I'm happy I've managed to put my fear of embarrassment aside and was able to make videos where you can actually see me singing. '

Anyway, maybe one day I can remake these covers and make myself visible.

I'm actually really proud of these recordings, I used to take more risks with song choices and really belt out. Haha. Now I'm more on staying safe and choosing more relaxed songs where there is no risk of my voice cracking. I'm still learning and getting the hang of my singing but I'm happy to get such great feed back.

I may not make it big one day, but I'm content with that. I don't mind singing in the shower for the rest of my life just as long as I get to sing my heart out. Hope you guys enjoy these old covers! :)

Terrified by Katherine McPhee

Why by Avril Lavigne

Breakeaven by The Script

Other Side of the Door by Taylor Swift

Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift

Alejandro by Lady Gaga

Impossible by Shontelle

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