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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teenager No More! My 20th birthday

So this is how I celebrated my 20th. Just a simple get together with good friends and amazing food in Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen. The food there is so comforting and the place it self is so rustic and authentically Italian. It really felt like we were somewhere in Europe enjoying legit food. So now here are some pictures form that night. This was last June 2nd but my birthday is on June 1st. Sorry for the many out of focus photos, my camera is still busted. :))

Childhood and high school friends

Blowing out the candle, super blurry. LOL

Showing off my cut out dress. Hahaha!

Thanks again for everyone who came and celebrated with me! I'm happy to know that at 20, we are all still near and dear to each others hearts. I love them to bits! You only get to meet people like these once in a life time. I just hope that one day I can repay them for everything they have done for me! To another 20 years and more. :)