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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Follow Katastrophic using Twitter

Hello there! :) So I just discovered today that people can follow Blogspots without having to make or sign into a Google account. You can now follow and join sites using Twitter which I think is much more simple and accessible for those readers who don't necessarily have Google accounts.

I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time and subscribe to my blog using Google or Twitter. You're support would truly mean the world to me! :)

So here you go, to show you how easy it is to follow and support the blog of your choice, here are the three simple steps you have to follow:

1. Go to the website/blogspot of your choosing and look for the follower's section and click the big blue button that say "Join this site."

2. A pop up window will appear separately and it will give you these choices. Select the middle button that has the Twitter logo on it.

3. And lastly, just simply type in your Twitter user name or email address and you've officially joined the blog of your choice! Don't forget to follow publicly. :)

Hope you guys find the time to support the bloggers of your choosing, Have a good night! :)

P.S. Will be posting an outfit shot in an hour or so. :) Thanks for reading! :*

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