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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Notebooks and Doodles

I love buying and receiving notebooks with the hopes that I'll fill it up with amazing things from the recesses of mind. Two of these notebooks are blank and the other one is only half full of useless school reminders and notes. 
I like to think that I'm not as shallow as people perceive me to be. My blog is full of material things and posts about irrelevant information that it sometimes makes me think if I should be doing something else with my time. But in reality I don't really like to talk, I can be one of the most passive people you'll ever meet. 

Talking about what I feel makes me unconformable and talking about the things I go through, things I believe in or don't believe in makes me fear what people will think of me. Maybe one day I can tell you guys stories worth telling about my 20 years of existence but for now I'll just be sharing what I feel comfortable with.

Sorry for that completely random thought. I guess I've just been reading so many other blogs that inspire me to be more expressive. Hahaha! But hey, for now I'll stick to what I'm doing. Now the pictures in this post seem so useless because of my earlier rant. HAHAHAHA!

Maybe this post will help remind me to write more, feel more, and create more. Hope it'll make you want to do the same. :)

 The black notebook I got from my little sister, the pink one from a good friend, and the last one I bought in National Bookstore.


  1. i just bought that black and white notebook recently! :)) anyway, your sketches are great! :)

    1. The notebook really caught my eye, it's super nice! :) Thank you dear! :)

  2. i think you should get fashionary book since you like sketching outfit.. great start! and i'm like you too, collecting notebooks just because.. haha.

    1. Hi there, thank you! :) What's a Fashionary book? Sounds interesting. :)