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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Welcome Home

Last Wednesday night, a good friend of mine finally came home from the states after 4 months. I really missed him and it was a pleasure to wait in the airport and see him come down that ramp. Super love these two siblings! :) So in this post I'll be showing you some stuff he gave me from his trip.

Super pretty necklace from Forever21! I love the touches of pink and pearls.

Lovely key chains for me and my boyfriend from the big apple. 

And awesome underwear from Victoria Secret!

Love the phrase in the back! Perfect for me, because I literally am up all night! :)) I sleep at 5am every night because of my severe insomnia. :(

Lovely stuff, right? :) Thank you for these, Love! :)


  1. Your welcome love! :) See you soon okay? :)