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Monday, August 13, 2012

Out and About

A day of new experiences. Out and about in the South with good friends. The itinerary of the day include: 

Tasting french macaroons for the first time, making a pit stop at Auntie Anne's, eating at Stackers Burgers, drinks at Veranda and a snack at Taco's Felix. 

I was set on doing something different that day, but our plan of stealing a shopping cart from S&R and riding them around the parking lot was not sought through. :(

Will come up with a list of fun and crazy things to do for the next time we go out! Haha

Most photos from Roncel's camera! :)

With Roncel the hottie <3

With Shacel, my sister from another mother!! I love how my hair looks extra blonde in this picture. Hihi

My favorite siblings!

Blue cheese and lemon macaroons. We didn't like them!! :(( They just look pretty on Tumblr. HAHA

With Czara! :)


  1. OMG, I've tasted the Blue Cheese macaron too before... It was horrible! :-& :-))

    1. Right?? I wonder if anyone actually likes it. :))

  2. Wrong flavors! Taste chocolate, coffee, original or SALTED CARAMEL!!! :D

    1. I guess I was feeling too adventurous that day! :)) Will definitely give it another shot! :D

  3. We only got that b/c that day was free Macaron day for Bizu...they also gave us another flavor that was not yummy too :-( lol