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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ukay Finds

Not a believer of ukay shopping? Well you should be. I've found some of my best pieces in these warehouses.

The Olivarez Plaza and the Plaza Carolina are my favorites to be exact. Their both located in Tagaytay in close proximity with the famous Tagaytay traffic circle( in layman's terms, ROTONDA lol. ) 

Check out other former posts of mine of my finds from the same ukay- ukay, here and here. You'll see that the things I've found are inline with current fashions and are one of a kind and truly vintage. 

Just remember to wash the clothes properly before actually wearing them out. Dust is abundant in these clothes but all the sneezing while shopping is worth it. Hihihi

You also have to be patient in going through hundreds of racks and hangers so remember to stretch and wear comfy clothing. Yes, I mean the stretching because right now my arms hurt like hell. Feels like I went to the gym.

Dressing rooms are available in warehouses but to be safe from pervs, wear clothes that you can fit clothes over like leggings or tank tops.

Hope my little ukay tips and trick were a help, but now on to the stuff I found:

I've recently been searching far and wide for a nice denim jacket. I blame this photo of Miranda Kerr from this site. She pulls it off beautifully! Hopefully I can pull it off myself without looking like a lumberjack. 

Okay, back to my purchases:

Find #60: Denim Jacket
Price: 150 Php

Find #61: Chiffon tank top
Price: 120 Php

Find #62: Holiday print sweat shirt/hoodie
Price: 150 Php

My last purchase, which is the sweatshirt, is actually a bit small for my liking. I like sweatshirts loose and comfy so if anyone is interested in taking it off my hands, text me, message me, tweet me. I'll gladly give it for 120 pesos. It's actually in really good condition, no tears, loose threads. Let me know! :) here's my contact page. Meet ups in the South or Taft only! Hihihihi.

Sweat shirt sold already! hihihi


  1. Hi. Love these ukay finds! I like this hooded shirt also kaya lang Small. Love the prints :)

    1. Thanks Dianne! :) I know, me too! Kahit small I felt like I had to buy it because it was so nice. <3

    2. Oo nga eh, sayang. Anyways, I like your blog. You have a new reader :)

      another day to wander