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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First World Problems: Travels to the USA

So I'm having a bit of a crisis.

Last week, I went over to the US embassy in Manila for the US Visa interview. All went well except the part where I had to pay one hundred bucks for some strange lady to store a USB that went rouge in my bag and the part where my 2x2 photo was wrong because my ears weren’t showing. Managed to extend my stay at the embassy for a full hour because of those setbacks, but in the end all worked out in my favour and I was issued a 10 year US Visa.

The interview was fairly simple, around 8 basic questions: Where I would stay, what I’d do there, who was I visiting, Countries I’ve travelled to, Where I work/study, who’s paying for my trip, what that person does for a living and how long I’d stay in the US. I answered the questions quickly and clearly and even joked about how my main priority in the States was to shop and spen all my dad’s money. 5 minutes later and the lady told me my Visa will arrive in the mail in a week. Was definitely stoked because I knew in my mind it would be such a hassle and waste of money to have to do that all over again.

So here I am, with my passport in hand and my dad waiting for my go signal so he can buy my ticket from PAL. As the days pass, the more hesitant I grow. A few questions pop out that make me more and more unsure of what to do.

First dilemma, travelling alone. I’m pretty sure I can figure out all the steps to take but there’s no telling what could happen to me or what setbacks I might have to face alone. I started out having 1 friend apply for a Visa with me but it didn’t work out, I have another friend who’s planning to apply now but I’m not sure she’ll make it on time so right not I’m pretty screwed. Hahaha

Secondly, my uncles work full time jobs which means that from Mondays to Fridays they’d be out from morning till night so there is really no one who’ll be able to take me around and to go places with me except on the weekends where they’ll be taking me to Vegas, Napa and so on. Although the area of their home is conveniently close to anything I’d ever need, I’m just hesitant of wasting my time stuck there when there is so much to see in the land of the free.

Third, I have a few friends I’m looking forward to seeing but their all in the Los Angeles Area which is still pretty much a 6 hour drive away from where I am. I have no idea how to get there and where I’d stay if I do manage to get there. So it would pretty much mean I’d be stuck in San Francisco majority of my stay. I did have a relative that I could have stayed with in LA but unfortunately she passed away pretty recently.

So those are my main concerns so far. I really don’t know if I should push through or if the universe is telling me to wait till summer so I can go with my little sister and dad. Anyone have any words of wisdom or have a place in LA I can stay in or want to go to SF with me? J) Advice will be most welcome, anyone at all!


  1. I think you're just having pre-travel jitters, if there's such a thing. Haha! It seems a little scary for you right now since it's your first time to travel alone, but I think it'll be an opportunity for you to explore San Fo by yourself. See places, meet people, take photos, stroll at their parks, and of course, SHOP! It would be fun!

    But if you're really hesitant, you can always choose to wait for summer so you can enjoy your travel with your dad and sister. Anyway, summer wouldn't be too far away. :-)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! :) I will definitely take in to consideration the things you said. And yes, it really is probably pre-travel jitters! :)) Thank you again! :) <3

  2. You don't wanna travel alone because it's gonna boring af & keep in mind that there are a lot of bad guys in America - who might take advantage of you since you're a first-time tourist. You can't trust anybody you don't know & stay safe. 911 is the number to dial. If you're uncle can't take you anywhere, you'd end up staying home because you don't have a driver's license & it's not safe to be walking around the neigborhood by yourself; regardless, whether you're uncle lives in the suburbs. If you still decide to go this October & have a really sweet experience, it's good to have a friend who has the financial capability to travel & be given a tourist visa. If you don't have any options left, America can wait next summer, i guess?

    1. Thanks for the advice! I agree with your take on safety issues. Will take it into consideration when making my final decision. Thank you again! :D