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Monday, September 17, 2012

New In

Well I think its pretty obvious by now that I'm no fitness buff. I try to work out now and then and jog but it's not something I crave. 

The other day while I was "jogging" (more like walking) around my village, my old trainers from Adidas broke. I think I bought those 6 years ago. Hahaha! So I decided it was about time I get new kicks. Went to both Nike and Adidas and it was so annoying how all the shoes were neon colored! So lo and behold, I chose black because it was the least colorful one. I did see a pair from Nike which were mint that I really liked but knowing me, those will be hella dirt in a month. 

So my dad traded in his old sneakers for a 500 peso discount and no here are my new babies. Also bought a skirt out of impulse, don't even really like the color but I gotta mix up my wardrobe at some point so..

Find #67: Royal blue skort from Pop Culture
Price: 430 Php


  1. I also don't like neon colored rubber shoes. Mas maganda pag black lang talaga kasi hindi dumihin hehe :) Anyway, how much did you pay for these kung ongoing pa yung trade in sa Adidas?

    1. The original price was 4,895 Php but I paid 4,395 Php. :)