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Sunday, September 9, 2012

This September: Redhead Model Search

That's right, I am one of the hundreds and hundred of hopefuls who entered the Redhead Model Search. With the help of a fellow friend who joined along with me, I was able to find the courage to take a chance and submit my photos. :)

This coming Friday, September 14, the 13 finalists will be revealed through the SM GTW Facebook page. The top thirteen will then be voted on by the public to narrow it down to 3 winners. Not really looking forward to that part but hey, it would be an honor itself to be part of the top 13.

My chances are slim because of the many tall and gorgeous girls who joined but there's no harm in trying, I'm just hoping to have fun with it! Like I said in a previous post, I really want to experience new things and be braver when it comes to opportunities.

Good luck to all the ladies that entered too! :) 

To view the other entries, visit this site!

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