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Monday, October 8, 2012

In Light of Halloween: The Escape

Over a year ago, we created a short film for our subject called Concept. Our class was divided into small groups and we were tasked to write stories that met the standards of our terrifying professor. By the end of the term, 3 stories were chosen and were assigned. 

This story starts out with a girl in a club who was leaving with a random guy who ends up abducting her. She wakes up strapped to a table with surgical tools next to her and a surgeon about to harvest her organs. While the man's back is turned, she struggles to free one hand and reaches for the scalpel. She grabs it, slips her hand back in the restraint and pretends to be asleep. The surgeon approaches and notices that the scalpel is missing. He gets down on the floor and looks under the table and as he stands back up the girl stabs him multiple times on his neck. She cuts the restraints and runs to safety.

I'm so glad that I suggested that this story be part of the 3 even though the class was skeptical and felt it was too much work. Thankfully, the story was assigned to our group and I am so proud of what we created. We actually shot the entire thing 3 times, these pictures were from the first output which I felt was actually the nicest but our professor felt that the room was too bright and did not match the concept. The second output was too warm and yellow and finally we got it right by the third time. I wish I had the copy of the first one to show you but I don't so here are some outtakes.

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