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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweater Season

I've been searching far and wide for affordable knit sweaters and amazingly, Forever 21 had a sale last weekend. The F21 in Megamall actually had an entire rack dedicated to sweaters at 70% off. Unfortunately I did not have the patience to travel to that horribly dense mall so I had to settle for the one in Mall of Asia. They also had a sale but there weren't as many sweaters as I'd hoped. Being that I am unemployed and insanely broke, I could only afford one. Oh the life of a newly graduated bum.

Find #72: Striped, knit sweater from F21
Price: 1,175 Php on sale for 469 Php

Find #73: White knit socks
Price: 245 Php on sale for 99 Php

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