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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Random word of the day that starts with the letter A is: 

which means something that can bring back a lost love

I've been naming my looks after unusual english words that start with the letter A for a couple of years now. Have you ever tried searching for what they meant? Sometimes I like to use words which relate to how I feel at the moment, how my outfit looks, or if I just think the definition is awesome. In this case, I just like what Anacampserote stands for.

Here's a look I wore to a graduation party of a friend of mine:

BTW, say hello to my clingy dog Happy who kept bugging me while I was taking outfit shots.

[Orange and gray knit striped crop sweater: Forever21][White floral shorts: Ruins][Gray Oxford flats: Sewn]

Overly enthusiastic shot because my dog was liking my leg and it tickled. Hahaha

Testing out the new bowler hat I got! What a warm outfit for such a warm country.


  1. Lovely casual style, my dear!!!


  2. beautiful blog)

    Maybe we can follow each other?

    welcome :)