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Monday, November 12, 2012


Got a couple of pieces to spice up my wardrobe last weekend. The way I dress most of the time is somewhat girly with feminine silhouettes but I've always been drawn to very edgy clothing. I've just never really had the guts to go out of the comfort of girly clothing but slowly I'm easing in a bit of edgy pieces to take my looks to another level.

I got both of these from a store called Kirin Kirin located in Alabang Town Center. I never really noticed the store much before but lately their items have improved tremendously. Most of their items are online clothing worthy but way less pricey. Different colored peplum skirts caught my eye the last time I was there which I'm hoping to come back for. If I wasn't mistaken, they were on 300 Php!

Find #74: Black spiked head band 
Price: 150 Php

Find #75: Black hat
Price: 499 Php


  1. Where'd you get the headband? I've been looking for one with thicker studs like that one :)

    1. It's from the store Kirin Kirin in Alabang Town Center. :) They have lots of colors but they're all the same size. :(