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Friday, November 23, 2012

Sale Season

Last Thursday, I went a little crazy in the SM Department Store. I'm pretty sure there was a sale, It's hard to tell at times because the prices are always awesome, sale or not. Love department stores. Hahaha. So here are the stuff I bought. In addition to these, I got the boyfie an awesome pair of hipster shorts in the shade of old rose. I think it looks great on him but he seems to think wearing them is social suicide. Hahaha 

Okay, back to the stuff I bought:

Find #76: Black bag from Parisian
Price: I got it for 399 Php, 
not sure what it's original price was. I just found it in the 399 below pile.

Find #77: Beaded Bohemian sandals from Solemate
Price: 399 Php
It wasn't on sale but still a steal!

Find #78: Gray cropped collared shirt with mullet hem from Shopaholic!
Price: from 399 Php to 200 Php

Find #79: Dark wine colored lipstick from wet n wild
Price: 299 Php

1 comment:

  1. Cool finds! I'd love to try that shade of lipstick too! :)