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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Kat Cave

Here are a few photos of how my room looks so far. This is as neat as I get so bare with me, I'm not much of an interior designer. Hihihi

I'd like to consider these as before shots, I still want to put frames up and other artsy fartsy stuff. Also, you may notice I don't have a bed frame. It's been stuck at our old home for a month now. Wanted to have it painted white to match everything but construction and renovation back there hasn't started yet. Might have to sleep on the floor till next year. Haha

So here is the Kat Cave. What do you think? :)

This explains why the covers are all creased up. I tried to straighten them out but every time I do, Happy makes a mess of it!

I'm trying to color coordinate everything, down to the tissue box, trashcan and Happy's bed.

Here's my new outfit shot wall. Haha

What do you think of the shoes? Should I maybe hide some of them away? I feel like it looks cluttered.

Don't mind the dresser. Haven't found any decorative boxes to put all my stuff in.

And here is my disaster of a closet. It's way smaller than the one I had in my old room which is why it looks so cramped up. Really need to sell some clothes!

Hopefully I find the time soon to really fix it up! Thanks for viewing! :)

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  1. Your room is so pretty! I love the black prints and the interior design is fantastic. We have the same closet/ideas in putting clothes. naka hang yung long sleeves/blazers tas nasa taas din mga bags ko. other tops, finofold ko lng din.. almost the same talaga sa closet ko.

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