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Monday, November 26, 2012

The New Glorietta Vibe Fashion Show Fitting

So last Saturday, my cousin Nicole and I went to Glorietta to have ourselves fitted by the brands we were assigned to. Nicole hit the jackpot I think by being assigned to The Ramp. We pretty much squealed like children when we found out she gets to pick what she'll be wearing to the fashion show on Thursday. Haha!

Here she is beside the rack of clothes we got to choose from and my reflection in the background being all proud momma like. Hahaha

On our way to my store assignment, we came across these kitties being given up for adoption. Tempting!

So yes, I was assigned to the shoe brand Melissa. I was familiar with it but I never really got to look at their products much because I'm allergic to really high prices. Hihi.

I tried on a lot of styles and colors and I was so absolutely torn. They were all gorgeous and so unbelievably comfy!

Aside from choosing something flattering and more my style, I also had to think about what would be the easiest shoe to pair clothes with because apparently we have to provide our own clothes. 

I was pretty bummed about it but I wont let it stop me from being part of this record breaking event!

So, which one do you think I chose? and if you were me which would you have chosen? :)

These red ones remind me of Cassadee Pope from The Voice!

Goofing around in cowboy rain boots. haha

Narrowed them all down to these two! What do you think? :)

Exciting! See you all on Thursday! Don't forget to watch the live stream of the show online! :)

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