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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wish List: Decorating my Room

Here are a list of things I'm hoping to get for my room soon:

1. White bed sheets and pillow cases

An all white bed gives such a comforting feeling. Reminds me of when my family goes on trips and stay in fancy hotels, the best part is the big fluffy white bed. 
One of my pet peeves is when our maid makes my bed and puts on my bed covers and pillow cases from when I was 6 years old. Tweety and the Power Puff Girls are no longer welcome in my new room. Hahaha

2. Black bed sheets and pillow cases

I think an all black bed would be just as comforting. One thing about me is I absolutely love eating in bed, but I'm also a klutz. Black sheets would definitely eliminate my food stain problems.

3. Black curtains

These are perfect for nocturnal people like me. Imagine the air conditioning on, you're buried in pillows and blankets and these curtains block the sun. My new room has a very unfortunate position where the sun points directly inside during the hottest time of the day, 1:00 to 3:00 pm, so these would have been perfect. Too bad my dad went behind my back and bought curtains for everyone already. He got me white ones which do go with my room but not very sleep friendly.

4. Black and white picture frames of different sizes

I'd possibly hang up photos I've taken, my drawings, paintings and other artsy fartsy stuff.

5. Dandelion Light!!!

I seriously need one of these!! Preferably a lamp version. Anyone know where I can get one other than Ikea? Let me know!!

6. Hipster Christmas lights and tule

How pretty would this be? I just have to figure out how to hang this stuff and I'll prolly wait till the holidays are over so I can steal the lights from our Christmas tree.

7. Pretty black or white storage boxes of different sizes

I have so much random crap in random shoe boxes in my room, it would be nice to have uniform colored boxes to keep in my closets.

8. A white clothing rack

My closet was slightly bigger at our old home so I'm in need of more storage space for my prized possessions. How pretty are these photos?

9. Wooden hangers

To go this my white rack and new closet. Another pet peeve of mine are the multi-colored plastic hangers from the 90's. Anyone know where I can get these at whole sale for cheap? I need like 300 of them. Haha

10. And finally, black and white paint

You may have noticed a theme by now. Black, white, gray and brown is the official color scheme of my room. No other colors welcome, so I'm gonna need to paint some of my old stuff to match and I'm also thinking of creating some sort of mural on my wall. So many ideas, so little resources. I seriously need to get a job. Hahaha

Photo sources:

wooden hangers
white clothing rack
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dandelion light
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