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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Garage Sale

So here's a little preview of the clothes that you can buy once we finalize the dates of this collective garage sale were holding in the Classic Homes club house.

Haven't finalized the prices yet but if you're interested in any of them I can reserve them, just comment, tweet, or message me!

Will sell this crop sweater and the green floral shorts:

Blue and white top only

Blue button down only

Both top and jacket

White button down only

Both blazer and the romper

White high waist shorts

Crochet dress

Orange wedges

Light blue button down

Red backless dress


  1. Kat, what's your shoe size? I like the wedges.

    1. I'm a size 8 Erika! :D And I still have that gray dress you were supposed to buy! Sorry about that pala! got so over whelmed with meet ups nun! :))) :D