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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Time on my Hands

So I've had a butt load of time on my hands for a while and I decided to try my hand at designing clothes. Here are a few sketches I've come up with, tell me what you guys think:

Design 1: Silver sequin top with tulip back, Leather and spandex panel hot pants, Gray knit thigh high socks, Black boots, black bowler hat.

Design 2: Lilac low cut romper with lower back cut out and brown boots.

Design 3: White and burgundy ombre crop top with shoulder cut outs, army green spandex riding pants, maroon heels.

Design 4: Purple cropped button down with shoulder draping, Yellow and peach high waist denim shorts, black booties.

Design 5: Gray crop top with back cutouts, white and lilac high waist sweat shorts, Baseball socks, brown boots with laces.

Design 6: Gold sequin crop top with an X back, Sea foam green tulip high waist skirt, black strapy heels.

Design 7: Black and white blazer, white button down, black bow tie, black hot pants, black leather flat form heels.

Design 8: Light blue blazer, white corset, blue tailored hot pants, black strapy heels.

Design 9: Mint peplum top with X back, black spandex riding pants, gray knit socks, brown boots.

Design 10: Burgundy backless peplum dress and black booties.

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