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Friday, January 11, 2013

Emerald Green 2013

Achloropsia means color-blindness with respect to green

I welcomed in the year 2013 with the up and coming color of the year, emerald green. I think it's supposed to be lucky or something, I'm not really sure. I actually didn't even realize that I was wearing green till now. Hahaha

This sweater, much like most of my clothes, belonged to my mom. She has an abundance of large knit sweaters, probably from the time that she lived in the United States.

You're probably wondering how I can wear stuff like this in our insanely hot weather. I'm actually really sensitive to cold, I always need a cover up no matter where I go. Plus I was actually recovering from a horrible fever during NYE so a cozy sweater was just what I needed for my chills.

Don't you wish us Pinoy's had the license to wear stuff like this all the time? I sure do. I love winter clothes!

[Green sweater: Vintage][Leggings: Mango][Boots: Leaveland]

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